Shari Roberts

I began my professional career on the East Coast as an Interior Designer/Space Planner for the Contract Design/Office Furniture Industry. My interests in painting peaked with the 'Faux Painting' trends at the time. After completing classes in this area, I began refinishing furniture and painting faux finishes on furniture and walls. 

Concurrently, I began teaching Art for an After-School Enrichment Program. 

Soon thereafter, I moved to Carlsbad and discovered The Foundry at New Village Arts. It's a wonderful space for artists to have their own studios and be creative. After working for a number of Art programs on both coasts, I am fortunate to be able to run these classes from The Foundry. Not only can I create my own Art in my Studio, but my students can be inspired by all the talented artists they are surrounded by each time they walk in the door!

It is my pleasure to be with children who have a love for art, whether or not they are artistic. It is important for a child to grow up with an appreciation for the arts and it is my hope that my classes will provide that passion.

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