Girl Scouts of San Diego

Painting Badge - Brownies and Daisies
Room Makeover Badge - Seniors

Earn your Painting Badge! Get inspired by one of the Great American Artists and paint the natural world using different materials. You will learn how to see nature in a new and artistic way. By the end of our session, the girls will have created a small group project and an individual art work to take home with their badge!

Earn your Room Makeover Badge

This class is a hands-on, get creative class perfect for the girls who wants to make a small change in her bedroom decor. This Girl Scout will make an Inspiration Board, learn DIY with a small personal accessory from home (i.e picture frame, jewelry box, no larger than 12  x12").for This class includes All supplies and materials.

However, to get the most out of the class, please bring the following from home:

  1. Pictures: magazine cut outs, photos from the internet for example of your ideal bedroom (Furniture, colors, accessories, etc. that you absolutely love). Bring this with you in an envelope with your name on it.

  2. 1-2 PRINTED Photos of your bedroom

  3. If possible, measure your bedroom, all 4 walls, include doors and windows! (don’t worry if this can’t be done:)

  4. A small object (no larger than12” x 12”) from your bedroom, such as a picture frame, jewelry box, small keepsake box, that you would like to re-do. (Again, if you don’t have anything, no worries)

We will re-design your bedroom using your own ideas! You will create an Inspiration Board and Re-Do an existing object from your room. Who likes DIY? Do not wear your good clothes (Or, bring an old, oversized shirt, or apron).  We will get messy before earning your badge!